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Camera Obscura van Hildebrand, 32ste druk, uitgegee deur de Erven F Bohn, Haarlem in 1921. Oor die outeur: Real Name of HildebrandNicolaas Beets (13 September 1814 – 13 March 1903) was a Dutch theologian, writer and poet. He published under the pseudonym, Hildebrand.Nicolaas Beets was born in Haarlem, the son of a pharmacist. From 1833 till 1839 he studied theology at the university of Leiden where he received his doctorate.In 1840 he became a minister at the Dutch Reformed Church in Heemstede. In the same year he married Aleida van Foreest. In 1854 he moved to Utrecht where from 1874 till 1884 he was a professor in church history at the University of Utrecht.He wrote prose, poetry and sermons. As a poet, Beets came under the influence of Byronism.[1]As a student at Leiden, Beets was influenced by reading Byron and was one of the first to write Romantic poetry. His poems—José (1834), Kuser (1835), and Guy de Vlaming (1837)—played a part in the controversy between the Classicists and the Romantics. While still at Leiden, he also wrote the sketches, tales, and essays collected as Camera obscura (edited under the pseudonym Hildebrand, 1839; 4th definitive ed. 1854). These works continued the Dutch tradition of presenting domestic scenes realistically but combined with it the whimsical humour he had learned from reading the English authors Laurence Sterne, Charles Lamb, and Charles Dickens. Beets was ordained in 1839 and held pastorates at Heemstede (1840–53) and Utrecht (1854–74). He was professor at the State University of Utrecht from 1874 to 1884. During his successful career in the church, he produced a great quantity of commonplace prose and verse.His most famous work is Camera Obscura, which he wrote under his pseudonym during his student years. [1] Though it was first published in 1839, he added stories in later editions, so the final version was not published until 1851.Beets died of a brain haemorrhage at age 88, in Utrecht. 


Hardeband in baie goeie toestand, eerste eienaar se handtekening op eerste bladsy. Normale verweer weens veroudering. 360 bladsye in Nederlands.

Camera Obscura van Hildebrand

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