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The book is a complete reference to the military fortifications of the capital city, Pretoria. It is the most up to date book on this interesting subject.

This city is the most fortified town in South Africa, and it was fortified three times during the past. The first was during the Anglo-Transvaal War of 1880-1881 when the British were in command of the town. They erected at least seven fortifications. The second was just prior to the Anglo-Boer War when the Boers built four large forts around the town. After the British captured Pretoria on 5 June 1900 they constructed more than 100 fortifications in and around Pretoria.

Historical information and archival material is used to reconstruct the fortifications of Pretoria. The different sites have been visited and photographs of the remains of these are included as well as some archival photographs. A number of maps are also used as illustration and the fortifications are described in detail. The book concludes with an evaluation of the role the different fortifications have played in the history of Pretoria.

The Military fortifications of Pretoria (1899-1902) Anton van Vollenhoven

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